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DSP-IP provides Internship experience for new Deep Learning engineers. Our Internship is designed for engineers with theoretical knowledge of deep learning which requires practical experience and exposure to leading tools and solutions used in the industry.

The focus of the program is deep learning for computer vision with tools and platforms by NVIDIA.

Technologies learned in the internship includes  NVIDIA Deepstream, TensorRT and ISAAC

The internship tracks are:  

IoT and edge Deep learning – focused on tiny & fast networks on edge devices

Cloud Deep Learning – focused on optimization, deployment and monitoring of models in the cloud

The general syllabus below is later personalized according to each student experience

IoT Track

Cloud Track



Interns are required to have:

  • Graduate degree in computer Science or Electrical Engineering

  • At least two undergrad courses in AI

  • Programming experience with python, Keras and Tensorflow


What you get

  • 3 months of real hands-on experience with the latest tools by NVIDIA

  • Certification of courses done by NVIDIA

  • Certification of completion by DSP-IP

  • Personal Github repos


Course oversight by Yossi Cohen, Deep learning engineer with 15 years of experience in teaching computer vision and video compressions